Edremit, where mountain and sea tourism go along with thermal tourism, turned into a district with its 150.000 population since its centre Balıkesir became a metropolitan city. It is possible to reach our district by car, sea and air and due to scheduled international flights which are executed from the Koca Seyit International Airport, extended our vision and opened our doors to the world.
Our Edremit-Altınoluk coastal area welcomes tourists from all different corners of the world in summer season with its long bays, beaches and blue flagged sea. Ida Mountains offers a four-day tour option for history and nature lovers, is considered as heaven of mountain tourism for several activities during 12 months of the year. Edremit is also famous for its hot springs and owns many healing water sources. Our district stands at the front line of tourism in all seasons with its high quality thermal hotels composed of modern units and timeshare facilities.
We hope you come and visit Edremit, the most popular holiday center of northern Aegean Coast full of historical and cultural assets, hot spring sources and natural beauties and wish you enjoy your holiday and have fun in our heaven.

kaz-1Ida Mountain is the highest mountain of Biga Peninsula which separates Aegean and Marmara regions. Considering its rich fauna and flora, where historical assets and nature unites in green, is not only one of the unique beauties of Edremit and Balıkesir but also one of the rare beauties of the globe as well and is protected being one of the 34 national parks in Turkey. Edremit promises a healthy life located on the skirts of Mountain

Ecosystem in Mountain Ida is one of the most important natural sites of our country that contains the richest diversity of flora and fauna. For instance; Mountain Ida fir tree is one of the most famous of those, which was taken under protection with law since 1988. It is saidthat, the wooden horse of cunning Odysseus’ had been made of the Mountain Ida fir tree which ended the war and contributed to the fall of the city after the ten year lasting war of Troy. Thus endemic Ida Mountain fir tree is also named as ‚‘‘Pine of Troy‘‘.

kaz-4kaz-5In the Ida Mountain flora there are nine hundred species from hundred and one families are registered, there are at least sixty eight nationwide rare found species; three of them are endemic to this mountain.
Ida Mountain is also considered rich in terms of animal existence and many different species endure their lives in Ida. The region is considered as heaven for hunting due to rich population of wild boars. During the hunting season, registered and licensed agencies organize hunting parties for only wild boar, coyote and fox.

Ida Mountain is an ideal place for those who seek for alternative holidays which offer a four-day trip for nature and history lovers. Ida Mountain is also in the top ten list of destinations where best autumn pictures can be taken.

kaz-6Since some parts of Ida Mountain are within the national park, there are some attractive and enjoyable activities such as trekking in the forest, mountain biking, jeep-safari, horse riding, peak climbing, swimming in rivers and lakes all are accompanied with park’s guards.  Kalkım Hanlar region, Ayı River, Sutüven Falls, Manastır Çayı Canyon, Şahin River Canyon, Mıhlı Çayı Valley, Döşeme Creek, Dere Çatı, Valley and Sarıkız Peak are some of the places where you can enjoy trekking.

Kale Natürel company, founded by  Faruk Durukan ”Ida Mountains Science and Health House” becomes first and unique plant extracts company of Turkey which undersigns several scientific projects.


These important projects are executed and developed in cooperation with prestigious scientists in Turkey such as making OPC determinant material from shelters of pine trees (plant extract), different activities of Isparta roses in Ida Mountains, “silimarin” dominant material of milk thistle, “sinarine” dominant ingredient in artichoke, organic milk obtained from local cows and sheep fed with endemic plants of Ida Mountains. Kale Natürel knows very well that, underground of Ida Mountains is more precious than the surface and now establishes its lab on the foothill of the mountain in order to process and protect all those unique materials which are picked up in the early morning excellent environment of Ida Mountain.

sarikiz-1According to the story, a shepherd named Cılbak Baba and his daughter Sarıkız used to live together in the Kavurmacılar village of Güre. Sarıkız was a very beautiful young lady. Boys of the village were in competition to marry her. But Sarıkız refused them all.  The boys could not handle being rejected and they spread rumors about Sarıkız’s virtue which were finally heard by her father. He decided to kill his daughter but he could not. Instead he took her and her goose to the Ida Mountain and left her there and came back alone.

Years later, father could no longer stand the absence of his daughter and went to the place where he had left his daughter, which is named today as the Sarıkız Hill. When he met his daughter there, he told how sorry he had been for the thing he had done. When prayer time came, he asked his daughter for water to perform ablution. When the girl poured the water from a plate to her father’s hand and shepherd noticed that it was salty sea water, the man realized his daughter was a saint and victim of rumors and he had chosen to believe rumors instead of his own daughter, he started to run and yell as “no grass on the ground, no smoke on your head”. The father passed away on the other side of the hill. Today the other hill is named as Baba Tepe (Father Hill).

sarikiz-3Sarıkız kept on living long years with her goose around the place called Goose Backyard at Sarıkız Hill. She was buried on the hill after she passed away.  Today, on the very green environment of Ida Mountain full of several endemic plants, only Sarıkız Hill, Baba Hill and the road which connects them are uncovered and weedless.


mesire-1There are several recreation areas around Edremit famous for their natural beauties. Hanlar region is 25 km away from Edremit, is on the Kalkım Road. The place is an ideal area for picnic, under the umbrella of giant plane and pine trees which offer you a chilly environment in hot summer days.
mesire-2The most famous recreation area of Edremit is Hasan Boğuldu in Zeytinli. The place, where almost all tourists visit and have a picnic, chills the visitors with its ice-cold waters while saddens them with its dramatic story. Besides Hasan Boğuldu dam, there is another popular place in the region. In Sütüven Fall, which stands 500-600 meters behind Hasan Boğuldu, water falls from 17 m. Also, Zeytinli Creek, one of the most important waters of Ida Mountain, is another beautiful area for picnic. Kızılkeçili, a neighborhood full of water and green, is 11 km away from Edremit. Recreation areas along with Kızılkeçili Creek serve people.

mesire-3Pınarbaşı and “Ağlayan Şelale” (crying fall) recreation areas in Güre are among the most famous and popular picnic sites of the region. Also, “Başdeğirmen”, that is located between Küçükkuyu and Altınoluk, on the Mıhlı Creek is another beautiful recreation area for picnic. Here, there is a windmill inherited from the Greek and an arched bridge from period of Roman Empire. Only a few kilometers away from the windmill, there is an excellent small lake to swim and wonderful waterfalls flowing to that lake.

antandros-1Antandros is an ancient city within the borders of Altınoluk, where the seeds of Troian War had been planted and the first beauty contest in history had been organized. Augustus, the first emperor of the Roman Empire, considered himself a descendant of Troian Aeneas who built ships in Antandros and left for an adventurous journey along with his fellows with the purpose of founding a new city on a distant land.
antandros-2Each year in summer, a scientific crew leaded by Prof. Dr. Gürcan Polat executes archeological excavations. The first of the excavation was undertaken in different parts of the city settlement area. A Roman villa which is also named as “Slope House” decorated with beautiful mosaics and a Hellenistic age city wall are among the important architectural structures found during excavation studies.

Another site which is under excavation process since 2001 is the necropolis (graveyard) area of the city. The graveyard that had been actively used starting from late 8th century B.C to 1st century B.C, is situated at the both sides of the Antandros- Gargara (Küçükkuyu) ancient path. Since it had been used for a meaningful period of time, the graveyard presents different types of monuments such as sarcophagus, pithos (cubes), shingles, crematories which makes it quite attractive. All those historical assets obtained from excavations will be exhibited in Antandros Museum which is planned to be built soon.

ayse-sidika-1This museum located in Edremit city center, reflects the districts’ history and culture. In the museum many items like ethnographic assets that reflect the living style of the region, authentic clothes, guns, goods and pictures of Independence War Period are exhibited.

evren-ertur-1In the museum, which is located in Kuruçay area within the borders of Zeytinli, historical olive oil production tools and materials are exhibited. In this museum, established by five generations of olive oil producer Ertür family since 1899, there are equipments varying from huge olive oil jars to all kinds of tools used in producing and processing olive oil.

sarikiz-muze-1In the gallery that was built in Edremit Güre Neighborhood Pier area, apart from the regional ethnographic pieces, there are also visual material related to Ida Mountains, Sarıkız, Trojan Wars, Kocaseyit and Antandros. There are also examples of master pieces and displays of artists and famous people who lived in Edremit including author Sabahattin Ali, song writer and clarinet player Şükrü Tunar, Turkish folk music artist and folk poet Ali Ekber Çiçek and famous actor Tuncel Kurtiz. Waxwork sculpture of actor Tuncel Kurtiz is one of the most popular pieces of the museum.

tahta-kuslar-1The gallery which was opened in Edremit’s Tahtakuşlar Neighborhood, is the first private ethnographic gallery of Turkey. In the museum section of the gallery, living styles and cultural heritages of our ancestors from Central Asia to today are exhibited. The museum has a library that contains more than 10.000 books. In this library there is also a collection of sea life. The biggest sea turtle ever caught is exhibited in the museum. (Weight 360 kg, length 1.72 cm)

zeytin-1Edremit, where you can find the best quality of products, has the %7 share in Turkey’s total olive oil production. First one of the two Turkish olive varieties of table olives is grown in Edremit, having 3 million olive trees in 19.900 ha. of land. This represents the %2.2 of Turkey’s olive tree plantation.

zeytin-2In the literature of olive oil, this region is considered very important and very famous for its qualified, low acid olive oil with its specific odor. The olive trees that live on the foothills of Ida Mountain with high level oxygen, present every single olive fruit to their producers. Since olive oil is a kind of fruit juice, it can be consumed directly without fermentation. It contains both vitamins and environmental interactions within. Therefore the endemic flora of Ida Mountain contributes to the esoteric taste of olive oil. There are only three kinds of olives produced in the region which have economic value.

yaglik-zeytin-1In the region, the olives are put in a process called pink pickle and the best quality of olive oil is extracted from this kind of olive. The oil ratio is high with % 22.7. One kilo of oil is made of 300 of olives.

After removing the seed out, this kind of olive is filled with almond and pepper and pickled. It is known as a fast growing type with fleshy fruit. It has approximately % 20 oil. One kilo of olive oil is extracted from 170-180 olives.

EPSON DSC picture

Black, best kind of table olives. It has a medium sized fleshy fruit. Its flesh is soft and its seed is plain and shiny as if it was polished. Its oil amount is %24. In one kilogram there are 300 to 320 olives.

termal-1Edremit is a district which is not only popular with sea and mountain tourism but for thermal tourism as well. The district is very rich in terms of geothermal sources and has hot springs that had been used for a long time.
termal-2Edremit is becoming very popular recently for thermal tourism with very qualified and multi-dimensional thermal facilities composed of many modern units. These thermal facilities, that also contain medical diagnosis and treatment departments, are composed of several units including swimming pools, massage units, vapor baths, saunas and Turkish baths.

termal-3Hot springs in the region are considered useful for treatment of many diseases. These hot springs gives beauty and health which contributes to the treatment of many diseases such as bowel laziness, irregularity of gall bladder and pancreatic gland, rheumatism diseases, coronary diseases, high blood pressure, rehabilitation of joints and muscles after traumas and injuries, partial or complete paralysis, sciatica, gynecological diseases, nerve compression on arms and neck.

termal-4Güre, which was declared as a center for thermal tourism by the Ministry of Tourism, has a deserved reputation of distributing health to humanity with its healing hot water springs. In the mythology of Ida, it was told that Beauty Goddess Aphrodite who had been caught to lepra, regained her beauty after having bath in these hot spring.

Edremit is one of the most developed tourism districts of province Balıkesir and is surrounded by Eybek Mountain, Gürgen Mountain and Ida Mountains on the North.
Edremit is getting more popular on sea, thermal and mountain tourism in recent years as a paradise where you can experience different tastes of joy during four seasons. Four coastal neighborhoods of Edremit – Zeytinli, Akçay, Güre and Altınoluk- are tourism centers. Their clean sea and beaches are ideal for pleasant summer holidays. There are various transportation alternatives to Edremit such as road, air, and sea transportations. Edremit is located on one of the busiest highways of Turkey and it is 87 km away from Balıkesir, 130 km from Çanakkale, 209 km from Izmir, 619 km from Ankara and 483 km from Istanbul. There are scheduled flights from International Kocaseyit Airport to Istanbul, Ankara, Köln and Düsseldorf in Germany.

edremit-2By the fast ferry operating between Bandirma- Yenikapi, the journey takes in total 4-5 hours from Istanbul to Edremit. Edremit and its surrounding are very rich in archeological ruins. There is Antandros Ancient city in Altınoluk, Assos Ancient City in Behramkale, Gargara and Lamponeia ruins, Adramytteion Ancient city in Burhaniye-Ören,  Aleksandria Troas in today’s Odun Pier, Nean Neandrie ancient city around Ezine, Skepsis and Kebrene ruins near Bayramiç, ancient city of Troy in Çanakkale which is 120 km away Edremit.

edremit-3Our guests who come and visit Edremit can enjoy the nature and sea while traveling among these several archeological sites around Ida mountain and have the opportunity to see the heritage of thousand years of history which makes their holiday even more enjoyable. Edremit has placed most healthy and clean heating system through the region by using geothermal heating to utilize the geothermal resources in the best way. Historical houses and mansions that are under protection are among the most important cultural assets of Edremit district. On the many streets of Edremit, we come across with historical houses that reflect traditional Turkish housing and Greek houses most of which are two hundred years old. Edremit is also a member of Union of Historical Cities. Faruk Serpil Park is one of the places you have to see in Edremit. The same and highly protected landscaping for many years make this park a symbol of Edremit. In order to have a bird’s eye view of Edremit, you have to climb the Ülkü Hill or Atatürk Neighborhood. From those places, you see other districts that are located on the coast of Edremit Gulf and the Greek Island Lesvos.


Kadıköy is a neighborhood of Edremit that stands on the hills of Ida Mountain. Its borders start at Ida Mountain and ends in between Zeytinli and Edremit.

kadikoy-2Şıpşıp Dede of Kadıköy neighborhood is the most visited place. Entombed saint on the rocks neither has a grave nor an epitaph. The water coming from the rocks pour slowly near the tomb. Thus, locals name the tomb as the voice of pouring water. If you drop by, you can have a rest in the new park and feel the Ida Mountain in which Troy’s goddess Kybale sits, Paris, Zeus and Aphrodite while you sit and watch the view…

zeytinli-3Zeytinli, which is located both on mountain and sea sides of İzmir-Çanakkale highway, is a small and beautiful place 7 km away from Edremit.

zeytinli-2“Zeytinli Creek”, which goes along with neighborhood for 26 km, is one of the most important water sources of Ida Mountain. This creek comes from Hasan Boğuldu and Sütüven falls which derive from the heart of Ida Mountain and meets the sea at the Altınkum beach of Zeytinli. Zeytinli Creek is an ideal chilling picnic area especially in the hot days of summer. One of the main entry gates of Ida Mountain National Park is at Zeytinli and this gate is the busiest entrance. In the Mehmetalan Neighborhood 3 km away from Avcılar and Zeytinli, there are road check points.

zeytinli-4Zeytinli, the place where mountains and sea meet in Northern Aegean and admirable for its natural beauties, is also home to a famous legend. This neighborhood hosted the dramatic story of Hasan and Emine, whose sad story was reflected in a Yeşilçam movie in which Hülya Avşar took place as a leading actress. This legend also gives the name of “Hasan Boğuldu” recreation area and is being told among generations. Near the place where Hasan was drowned, Sutüven Fall gurgles magnificently both in summer and winter.

zeytinli-1Zeytinli owns the largest and the longest beach of Edremit district. Altınkum beaches with their clean and fine sand, gives many opportunities for sea tourism. Its green areas, sports and entertainment places, beach walking paths, tea gardens and coastal promenades offer tourists a warm, comfortable and peaceful holiday environment. In recent years, Altınkum beach also hosts rock concerts as well.

Akçay, small village 8 km away from Edremit, is one of the most famous holiday places of Turkey with its fresh air, sea and cold and fresh waters springing up all over. You can swim along the blue flagged beaches in Akçay where the sea is rather cold in the area due to artesian water coming from underground. But especially in hot summer days, it is ideal to swim in such water. In this beautiful neighborhood, there are several hotels, motels, holiday resorts, guest houses, camping areas and entertainment areas for tourists to stay and have fun.

akcay-2Coastal walking area is the most famous and popular place of Akçay is one of most crowded holiday destination in the region with around 20 thousand population in winter and 150 thousand population in summer time. The most famous and popular place of Akçay is the coastal walking area which is very lively in summer nights, looks like a big bazaar with several products like clothes, souvenirs, handbags for sale and streets are full of different exhibitions. In the Cumhuriyet Square near the Pier, there’s the statue of Sarıkız, one of the symbolic legends of Ida Mountain. Yacht tours are ideal for daily visits to Akçay and its surrounding. Boats move from Akçay Harbor at 10:30 everyday, given the opportunity to see Ayvalık islands, Assos and around and also to swim at the bays. For those, who are not satisfied to see magnificent flora and fauna of Ida Mountain with trekking tours, jeep-safari tours to Ida Mountain are also being organized by local travel agencies of Akçay.

gure-1Güre is known with its thermal water springs and healing centers in the gulf area since ancient times.
Güre is a cute neighborhood, located among green and olive trees, and is 12 km away from Edremit center. The neighborhood was established on the foothill of legendary Ida Mountain, accompanied by small and big creeks, surrounded by fruitful valleys and stood under the shades of old plane trees. Historical streets, old fountains with their cold water, old houses…

gure-2Güre is a neighborhood which succeeded to protect its own architectural identity and green landscape over hundreds of years. Güre has some of the most beautiful beaches of Edremit Gulf; and welcomes tourists with mountain, thermal and sea tourism during all seasons of the year. In summer season, Güre is very lively with sea tourism, active night life and is considered as the centre of attraction of the gulf. Güre is one of the most popular entertainment centers of the Edremit Gulf. There are several first class bars, pubs, discos and beach clubs within the borders of this cute neighborhood and all these facilities contribute to the development of tourism. Qualified fish restaurants of Güre, serve all kinds of fresh sea food and fishes along with several local vegetables and salads dressed with delicious local olive oil. You can find delicious examples of Aegean cuisine at the restaurants located at the Pier.

gure-3Güre is also a paradise in terms of thermal facilities; the neighborhood has the highest accommodation capacity of Edremit.
There are selective mountain cottages serving for those who want to spend a night in this cute village with all those walking paths, natural beauties and to taste the delicious examples of Aegean cuisine. Two of the most beautiful recreation areas of Edremit, Pınarbaşı and Ağlayan Fall, stand between the green valleys of Güre.

altinoluk-1Altınoluk, which is 25 km far from Edremit, is one of the rare examples of high oxygen density along with Alpines in Switzerland. In Altınoluk, which was built at the hills of mountains, Şahin Creek canyon provides the air circulation and distributes pine odored and oxygen rich air to the plain areas while it also carries the iodine of the sea and acts as a chimney.

altinoluk-2The water of the region is precious as well as its air and region serves an exciting nature to the eyes of visitors. On the road to Şahin Creek canyon, there are several small lakes with ice cold fresh waters. Şahin Creek canyon gives pleasure to the visitors with its several flower and thyme smelled tributaries such as Dereçatı, Naneli Pınar, Gücük Burun, Ağlayan Çam, Kestane Deresi, Yörük Pınarı, Selvili Mezarlık, Ayı Kapıları. Especially jeep-safari is very much suitable for these trips. The touristic Papazlık village is settled on the green lanscape of Altınoluk and Ida Mountain and has a whole view of Edremit Gulf. Many of old Greek houses were protected and some of those were also renovated and turned into hotels. Those hotels serve in order to keep old traditions alive.

altinoluk-3In the Narlı, Doyran and Çam neighborhoods of Altınoluk, in the tea gardens with sea view, you can taste different menus including village breakfast, pancakes, meat, chicken and fish and take a deep breath with high amount of oxygen.
While enjoying natural life in the village of Altınoluk, you should go down to the beach to swim. Altınoluk has blue flagged and clean beaches. It is a pleasure to walk at the Atınoluk harbor in summer time, surrounded by rich bazaar, cafes, pubs and tea gardens. Altınoluk also has the second biggest amphitheater of the region and hosts the most popular artists during summer season.
Altınoluk is a center of attraction for many local and international archeology fans. Antandros ancient city that its history goes back to the ages of Trojan war is also one of the oldest centre of population is at Altınoluk.

If you come to Edremit, you will have the opportunity to see several cultural and sports activities throughout the year. Our customized activities host several domestic and international visitors and start in the first months of the year and continue throughout the year.

kultur-1In the second week of February, camel wrestling in Güre with the contribution of champion camels.

kultur-2Zeytinli Altınkum Kite Festival every year on 23   April National Sovereignty and Children’s Day with the contribution of people from all generations.

kultur-3Altınoluk tennis tournaments held in both May and September in different categories with contribution of masters.

kultur-4Oil wrestling in Edremit every year in May with participation of famous wrestlers.

kultur-5Healthy living walking activity held on third week of each May at Ida Mountain with the contribution of hundreds of nature lovers.

kultur-6Welcoming summer festival in Akçay seaside which is held on the second week of June.

kultur-7International Egyptian Ahmet rhythm and art camp concert that starts in the first week of July and ends with a concert at the end of July with the contribution of very local and international rhythm artists.

kultur-8Zeytinli rock festival organized in Altınkum within month August, with the contribution of most famous rock bands and thousands of audience in Turkey.

kultur-9Ida Mountain Ecofest which is held in August on the footprint of Ida Mountain.

kultur-10Charity meal which is organized in name of famous myth of Ida Mountain Sarıkız, in the third week of August at Güre Kavurmacılar.

kultur-11Edremit Ida Olive Culture and Arts Days organized in four days at the end of August and beginning of September with the contribution of famous artists and authors.

kultur-12During summer, several charity meals of different neighborhoods and associations.

kultur-13During the first week of September, Körfez Aviation Sports Club organizes the International Mysia Aviation Festival, with the support of our municipality, where worldwide famous aerobatic pilots present their amazing shows.

kultur-14Every year in Ramadan month, traditional entertainment programmes are organized with the participation of local artists in each neighbourhood.

kultur-15Concerts and theater shows at the Altınoluk Amphitheater presented by most famous artists from Turkey all along the sommer season.

kultur-16Associations in Edremit organize concerts and theater shows presented by famous artists from Turkey at the Edremit Şükrü Tunar Cultural Center all year long.